Travel photos

I recently visited Rome and have just finished sorting through the many photos I took over the four day trip. A pleasant time was had, despite being very sweaty almost all the time.

I uploaded the photos to Flickr, but thought I'd post a few of my favourite images here. 

Monster Maker Stickers

It's aliiiive!


Myself (the artist) and William (the programmer) have been working hard on this sticker app for the past couple of weeks and are both really happy with how it turned out. 

I made 6 spooky characters, who each have 6 (static or animated) expressions and there's a bunch of accessories to dress them up with. 

There is also whole separate section where you are able to use over 160 parts to create your own stickers. These are a few of the stickers I've created in the maker

You can find the stickers here or search 'Monster Maker: Create your own stickers' on the App store. If you have any funny screenshots or stickers that you'd like to share with us please do, we'd love to hear from you on Twitter or Instagram 


Just a few photos of flowers I've taken over the last couple of months


I loved this film

Want to make a giant paper mâché head